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Skin Cancer Biopsy

Skin Cancer Biopsy
Have you noticed skin irregularities such as discoloured moles and unusual pigmentation? You may want to consider visiting a clinic that can perform a skin cancer biopsy procedure. Fortunately, the team at St Ives Skin Cancer Clinic are fully capable of giving patients of all ages and backgrounds a comprehensive skin cancer screening. We understand that this can be a stressful experience and appreciate the courage it takes to face that fear, which is why we’ll do everything we can to help.

A Quick and Simple Procedure

Our skin cancer test is a quick and simple procedure that involves excising the mole or other tissue. We apply local anaesthetic to numb the nerves in the area so that you don’t feel any pain. We may use stitches to close the wound if we cut out the spot entirely. The area should be completely healed within one or two weeks depending on the extent of the excision.

Our skin cancer check-up usually takes no more than ten minutes, after which the extracted tissue is sent to our fully-equipped laboratory, where microscopic examinations and tests are done to identify whether or not it contains cancerous cells. Skin biopsy results are typically available after seven days, at which time a follow-up appointment is organised to discuss them.

A Range of Treatment Options Available

It’s important to remember that a diagnosis of skin cancer is no longer a death sentence. If you’ve caught it early enough and you’re prepared to do what’s necessary, you can beat the disease without risking significant harm. At St Ives Skin Cancer Clinic, we offer a range of skin cancer treatments in North Sydney and beyond that aim to limit the spread of the disease and stop it entirely. If we’re unable to provide the necessary assistance, we can refer you to someone who can.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

St Ives Skin Cancer Clinic is the number one choice for a skin cancer screening and skin cancer biopsy examination. Contact our friendly team and we’ll happily answer any questions and allay any concerns you may have. Call us on (02) 9440 5050 or submit an online enquiry and we’ll respond in next to no time.

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